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The Costa Rica White Hawk Project's mission is to purchase forested lands in the Carate River Valley of Costa Rica, creating a crucial wildlife corridor where animals can roam freely and protected.

A percentage of every tour we give will be donated to the White Hawk Project.

Below is a list of our Half Day Tours, these tours are sure to please the entire family or the small group expeditioners. Included are some well known tours and some tours that take our clients off the beaten path. Regardless of which you choose, you are sure to enjoy a knowledgeable guide who will educate you to the area you select and the wildlife within. Manuel's Tours is also available for extended expeditions through a variety of regions in Costa Rica, please contact us for long term tour requests.

The White Hawk Project

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Manuel Antonio National Park Tour

Manuel Antonio was recently included on a prestigious list of the most beautiful National Parks in the world. Our guides will point out many of the local species and give you up-to-date information on their natural history, habitats and habits. You will take fantastic photos through our high-definition scopes with your own digital camera. There are four beautiful beaches with tranquil water, perfect for swimming or relaxing if you wish to stay after your hike.

Typical Wildlife Viewed: White faced Monkeys, Howler Monkeys, Squirrel Monkeys, Sloth, Agoutis, Bats, Tree Frogs, Iguanas, Snakes, White Tail Deer, and many kind of birds, i.e. Toucans, Kites, Hawks, Warblers, Antbirds, Wrens, Herons, and more!

Tour Duration: 3 Hours

Difficulty Level: Easy

Tour Includes: HD spotting scope and binoculars, certified bilingual guide with natural history field guide, transportation, park entrance fee, bottled water, fresh fruit and drinks after finishing the tour near the beach

What to Bring: Beachwear (towels, swimming suits, sun block, etc.), light clothing and a good pair of shoes, hiking boots or covered sandals

Cost per Person: $60.00 per person ($15.00pp extra for private tour)

Important Note: Manuel Antonio National Park is closed on Mondays

Mangrove Boat Tour (Damas Island)

The Damas Island Estuary is just a few minutes away from Quepos. Our guides will give an introduction of the complexities of this ecosystem before we immerse you into an incredible bird-watching and animal-spotting adventure. You will enjoy an Amazonian boat ride while our guides educate you on the variety of biological relationships in one of the earth's most delicate habitats. Our boats are very comfortable, roofed and are fully equipped to provide you a peaceful and safe boat ride. This tour is good for all ages.

Typical Wildlife Viewed: White Faced Monkeys, Jesus Christ Lizards, Boa Constrictors, Herons, Egrets, Kingfishers, Iguanas, Marine Crabs, and occasionally Silky Anteaters and Crocodiles!

Tour Duration: 4 Hours

Difficulty Level: Easy

Tour Includes: Transportation, certified bilingual guide with natural history field guide, drinks on the boat, binoculars, and lunch or dinner

What to Bring: Light and comfortable clothes, camera, sun block and sun glasses

Cost per Person: $65.00 per person ($25.00pp extra for private tour, 2 person minimum)

Night Research Walk (Various Jungles)

Witness twilight in the jungle as the environment transforms into a world of intriguing sounds. Don’t miss the opportunity of this incredible and fascinating world. Many of the jungles' hidden treasures can only be found in the dark, you’ll see dozens of nocturnal species including frogs, reptiles, mammals and birds; and a big variety of insects. Following a professional who is able to recognize and identify this unique wildlife will make the adventure safe and interesting.

Typical Wildlife Viewed: Red Eyed Tree Frogs, Masked Tree Frogs, Gladiator Tree Frogs, Bull Frogs, Rain Frogs, Vine Snakes, Vipers, Kinkajous, Sloth, Opossums, Owls, Bats, Millipedes, Moths, and Caimans!

Tour Duration: 2 Hours

Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

Tour Includes: Flashlights, transportation, entrance fee, trained certified bilingual guide with natural history field guide

What to Bring: Camera, raincoats, hiking shoes, and long pants

Cost per Person: $45.00 per person ($20.00pp extra for private tour)

Rainmaker Suspension Bidges and Waterfalls

Rainmaker's variable climate and high rainfall precipitation has helped produce an amazing and diversified environment. Our guides will lead you across foot-paths and observation platforms as you adventure into a world of Blue Morpho butterflies, poison dart frogs, colorful reptiles and thousands of unique plant species; all surround by pristine waterfalls and primary forest. Continuing up the trails we’ll get to the Suspension Bridge System, constructed with minimal forest impact, which allows a vision of the forest from a different perspective.

Afterwards, you can refresh in the safe waterfall swimming pools.

Typical Wildlife Viewed: Poisonous Dart Frogs, Eye-lash Palm Vipers, Hummingbirds, Butterflies and Colorful Insects can all be seen here!

Tour Duration: 8:00am - 1:00pm (5 Hours)

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Tour Includes: Entrance fee, roundtrip transportation, bilingual guide with natural history field guide, fresh fruit and juice for breakfast and a typical lunch after the tour

What to Bring: Camera, hiking shoes, bathing suit and towels

Cost per Person: $85.00 per person (2 person minimum)

Early Morning Bird Watching Expedition

If you are a serious birder or simply someone who enjoys the challenging of observing birds in their natural habits, then this early morning tour is right for you. Our experienced guides will take you into the jungle to identify several species of birds using high definition scopes and by following their calls. You can take amazing pictures by Digiscoping and discover a different way to photograph wildlife.

Typical Wildlife Viewed: White Hawks, Bay-Headed Tanagers, Trogons, White-Crown Parrots, Manakins, Antshrikes and Hummingbirds, just to name a few!

Tour Duration: 3-4 Hours

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Tour Includes: High Definition Scope, binoculars, field guide, certified bilingual guide with natural history field guide, fresh fruit and juice

What to Bring: Camera, tennis or hiking shoes and light clothing

Cost per Person: $45.00 per person w/o transportation, $75.00 per person w/ transportation

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