Born in San Isidro del General, I grew up surrounded by the highest and most majestic mountains of Costa Rica in Chirripo National Park. Since childhood, my parents instilled in me a deep respect for nature and the environment. I always dreamt of being a professional surfer and traveling the world. In search of the best waves, I started exploring some of the most remote places full of incredible nature. Following my studies and tourism board certification, my career path and lifestyle changed forever. Today, I can say that thanks to surfing I have the best job in the world as a naturalist guide. I am incredibly fortunate to work with amazing people in the most beautiful place on Earth.

A good naturalist guide should have a solid knowledge of the history of the land, culture and traditions, and I am proud to be Costa Rica Tourism Board certified (Lic #124). As I am passionate about providing the best experience possible, I have taken extensive courses related to being a naturalist guide, including natural history, the history of Costa Rica, ecology and conservation, wildlife, geology and volcanology, environmental interpretation, camping techniques, and first aid survival. My studies have ensured I can offer an educational and informative nature experience around my beautiful country.

I am more than happy to share personal stories and experiences to enhance your trip. I will point out endemic flora and fauna as we travel through the untouched wilderness, and tell you fascinating facts about the unique species we find on our tours and expeditions. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and use me as a resource so you can leave the trip with a better understanding of the unique Costa Rican environment!


My name is Roy Morales. I am a freelance Nature Guide at Manuel Antonio National Park, and as a native to Manuel Antonio I know the area like the back of my hand! In addition to being a tour guide, I have studied nature (flora and fauna) for the last seventeen years. In 1998, I moved to Puntarenas and studied there for three years. I have traveled around the country to explore different national parks, museums and indigenous reservations, as well as taking language courses, which all played an important part in the development of my career.

After receiving my nature guide diploma in 2000, I worked in Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, one of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica. I also worked in the Frog Pond Amphibian Exhibit conducting research and teaching our clients about the history of the most interesting and threatened animals on the planet.

I moved back home in 2004 and started working at Fincas Naturales Wildlife Refuge at the Si Como No Hotel. Here, I gained a great deal of experience helping them develop their trails and various nature exhibits, including the Butterfly Garden, frog pond and a reptile garden. I also gained great experience in night hikes. I am proud to have been part of the 2007 National Park Hikes and in 2008 we started a rural tour to Santa Juana community!

For the last seven years I have made my base in Manuel Antonio National Park, where I have been happily helping tourists explore the beauty and magic of Costa Rica. Come join us and share our passion for nature!


Hello! I’m Andres and I’m 33 years old. My passion for nature started at the age of 12 when my brother and I would go for nature walks in the woods with my grandmother on weekends. As I grew up I continued these walks by myself and by the time I finished high school it was clear my future was to be a naturalist or nature interpreter. I wanted to be able to describe what I see according to what was happening in the forest. I have been doing exactly that since I was 18. I studied tropical biology and management and protection of natural resources. Now, I’m a father to four kids and I want to share my knowledge, passion and the beauty of my country to my family as I have been doing with people from all over the world. I believe we can have a better tomorrow if we educate our kids, as they are the future generation.

I love nature, especially birds. I have been bird watching since I was 12, which was when I asked my parents to buy me a pair of binoculars. I remember always looking up the trees and trying to memorize the specific features of the birds, like wing bars, the color of their legs, size, etc, but more than that, I really love sharing what I see.  Since I am so passionate about birds, I decided to learn which plants and trees birds usually feed on to be better able to track them and expand my knowledge of this fascinating world of feathers!


Born in Sán Jose, Costa Rica, Milenlly’s passion has always been nature. Since she was a little girl, Milenlly has traveled all over Costa Rica and the world to study cultures and countries. Her love of animals and biodiversity spurred her to study Managing Natural Resources at one the best universities in Costa Rica – UNED. Milenlly also holds two guide licenses – one as a general guide of Costa Rica and one as a Costa Rican naturalist guide.

In 2005, she moved to the spectacular town of Quepos where she realized how God heals through nature. Mile – as she is known by friends, customers and family – is punctual, organized and optimistic. She is constantly expanding her knowledge and eager to share new information. Mile is currently working on reforestation projects with a specialization in Mangrove ecosystems, where she tours by kayak and boat. Mile has experience teaching school and university students about ecosystems and the relationship between people and their environment.

Mile is a great hiker and helps lead tours through Quepos and Manuel Antonio for people who really love hiking and want to take in incredible views. On a tour with Mile she will take you take to see more than 10 species of bats in Damas caves, just 30 minutes from Quepos. She is also a Manuel Antonio National Park expert. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the best with our Costa Rican expert!


Je suis arrivée au Costa Rica avec toute ma famille de France à l’âge de 9 ans pour ouvrir un hôtel à Manuel Antonio. Les beautés du Costa Rica ont éveillé ma passion pour la flore et la faune. Après avoir pratiqué pendant des années des sports extrêmes en compétition dans diverses disciplines comme le rafting, le natation, la bicyclette et certaines expéditions d’aventure, j’ai décidé de consacrer mon temps au tourisme écologique en tant que guide et photographe naturaliste. Aujourd’hui avec mon certificat officiel en tant que guide (seule guide francophone avec plus de 15 années d’expérience), je me consacre aux visites dans le parc de Manuel Antonio. Mon plaisir est de partager ma passion et mes connaissances de cette incroyable biodiversité qu’offre ce magnifique paradis tropical … Tellement riche et incroyablement varié qu’à chaque excursion j’enrichie mes compétences. Venez découvrir cet écrin et repartez avec les yeux remplis des merveille de ce pays unique! Pura vida.

As you can tell, Estelle speaks fluent french, as well as Spanish and English. If you’re looking for a tour in a specific language, let us know in advance and we can find the perfect guide for you.